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About the Ranch

The Double Spear Ranch is surrounded by Western history. Time moves slowly here on the reservation, and many things have remained unchanged for 200 years.

We have run over 300 mother cows on more than 5000 acres, that still show the wagon ruts of the old Bozeman Trail.

If still alive, our neighbors would be Plenty Coups, the Crow Chief who became chief of all Indian tribes. And, Will James, the famous cowboy artist and author, rode these hills with Grandpa Blackmore and chased wild mustangs.

From the ranch headquarters, you can view most of the ranch, which extends to the mountain top.

On the ranch, every beautiful season has its own special work waiting. In early Spring, there is calving. When the snow melts and wildflowers bloom, it will be branding time. In the summer, there is tall grass, cowboy campouts and cattle to move. Later, when the air is crisp and leaves turn golden, the roundups begin. Our Winter season offers real quiet and quality time - working outside or sitting by a warm fire - depending on what is wanted we offer lesser rates (depends on guest demands)

We are thankful to be here, and proud to share a lifestyle that has existed for generations.

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You will have your own cow horse and will be horseback most days. There is plenty of cattle work and each season has it's own schedule of events.

In the springtime (april), you'd be helping us calving.

It depends on how many cattle we are running at that point in time, but you'd probably be on a horse, checking cattle for calving activities, tagging and vaccinating the newborns and helping when there are problems.

In May and June, we keep checking on our cow/calf pairs to see whether everything is alright and there is no disease in the herd. Most of the time we pick late May and late June for the brandings, which is always a big "get together" with neighbours and friends.

In the summer time, the cattle has to put on weight, so we have to make sure that they have good grass and if they get low on
"groceries" we move them from one pasture to the next. We make sure that all the fences are in good shape and all the cows are happy.

In between we do a little bit of farming and try to bring in hay and grain for the winter time.

Finally in the fall we get ready to ship the calves off to the markets, which means we gather the herd off the summer pastures, bring them down here and separate the cows from the calves. Then we pregtest the cows and see which ones we keep for next year.

In addition to our ranch routine, there are many activities we offer to make your vacation a special experience.

We have a big outdoor arena and you can brush up on your western riding skills or learn how to ride in the first place. We have horses for every experience level.

As we breed and train our own stock, you can watch us work with our youngsters and learn something about natural horsemanship. If you are here long enough and experienced we might let you participate in working with our green horses.

If you want to learn to rope, Tony can show you the basics and then all you have to do is practice, practice, practice!

You may like to do some target shooting? No problem. (but you have to pay for the bullets)

Depending on the time of the year that you would like to be here, we might be able to take you along to some friends of ours, who run cows in even bigger country (a few hours from here) and help them gather for their brandings. This would mean long hours in the saddle and it would only be for experienced riders.

Or, if you would like to have a relaxing lazy vacation, there are less demanding activities that anyone can enjoy!

Sometimes there will be campfires, boat trips on the Big Horn Lake (which has a beautiful scenery) or we will take you to the Wild Horse Range, where some of the last wild horses roam free (a series about Cloud is shown frequently in TV).

A daytrip to the Yellowstone Park through Red Lodge and over the Beartooth Pass (11.000 feet elevation) is always memorable. See the fantastic scenery with spitting geysers, hot pools, and impressive mountains. Buffalo and Elk are many in this park and if you are lucky you can see bear, wolf and big horn sheep.

Cody is worth another trip that we offer if requested. It is a little western town, named after William Cody - "Buffalo Bill". They have a very nice museum about him, an old trail town (an outdoor museum with cabins from Butch Cassidy and the "hole in the wall gang", Curly - one of Custers Scouts, Jeremiah Johnson and other famous western figures of that time). Cody puts on a rodeo every night from the beginning of June to the end of August.

Then there is the Crow Fair at the 3rd weekend in august. They call it the largest  teepee capitol in the World. Many different tribes come together and have PowWows (dancing contests) until late into the night. During the day you can enjoy indian rodeos and parades.

The site of General Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn is around the corner as well. They preserved the land where Custer had his last stand against about 2000 indians and got himself and almost all of his men the 7th. cavalry -  killed. A monument, a little museum and the gravestones in between the hills are there to give you the chills when you think about what happened here.