Double Spear Ranch - Your Home in Montana!

We feel honored to share a rare lifestyle with a few special guests each summer.

We are a family owned and operated working cattle guest ranch in South Central Montana and we feel very priveledged to still be able to make our living ranching and cowboying, the old fashioned way, in some of the most beautiful country in the world.
In the middle of the Crow Reservation we are part of a rich native american history that surrounds us and influences our way of life here.
We are located near the Chief Plenty Coups Museum, the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Custer Battlefield, the Yellowtail Dam and the Bighorn River, Cody and the Yellowstone National Park.

What we do everyday, is what you will do when you are here. If your idea of a getaway vacatin involves sun, dust, sweat, hard work on horseback, lots of laughs, a cowboy prank or two, and riding free across the open plains and mountains in "Big Sky Country" give us a holler. We´d love to have you.

Tips & Tricks

Travelers Checks are not necessarily the best solution to take your money. Have a credit card available and you won´t have problems. Don´t forget to remember your pin, so you can get cash.

Montana is a state with no sales tax. Everything here is a lot cheaper than in Europe, so don´t buy your hats and boots etc before you come here. You get good deals in Billings - Montana´s biggest city!

You don´t need a visa if you don´t stay longer than 3 months.

Double Spear Ranch
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